Frequently Asked Questions

Is Climb Upstate open?

No, our 6655 Pottery Road location has permanently closed. We are uncertain at this time if we will be reopening in a new location. Our Highest Goals Leadership School team is still hosting events at alternative locations. 


Can I still host an event with you?

Yes! Our team can host Highest Goals Leadership and Team Building events at your location! These events do not involve climbing and can be hosted outdoors, in gymnasiums, large conference rooms, classrooms, etc.  


Who can book a leadership event?

Anyone! We cater to large corporate groups such as IBM and UST Logistical Systems, medium groups such as USC Upstate, Sherman College, Wofford College, Clemson University, and small groups such as Spartanburg County Parks and Rec, the YMCA, Dorman High School, Spartanburg Christian Academy, and more!


What age groups do you work with?at

While most of our events are for adults, we are certified and excited to work with ages 6+!

How can I book an event with you?

Email Chip at!

--- Climb Upstate Specific Questions ---

What are your hours?

We are open Monday - Friday from 4pm-9pm, and Saturday 9am-6pm. We are CLOSED Sundays. 

Where are you located?

6655 Pottery Road, Spartanburg: We are located just off  I-26 @ exit 17 on Pottery Road. We are in the same building as High Point Academy (also known as the Waccamaw Pottery Center), between Upwards Volleyball and the High Point Center.  Find a map HERE.


How old do you have to be to climb and/or belay?

Climbers can be any age but any younger than 5 years old can be difficult to fit in a kids harness - it will depend on the size of the child. However, we have had children as young as 22 months and a record-high 73 years old climb with us! For risk and liability reasons climbers must be at least 16 to belay.


How much does it cost for me to belay?

Belay lessons and tests are complimentary, and belayers may do so for free unless they choose to climb. They will then be asked to purchase a day pass. Belayers who would like to rent a harness may do so for $4. 


When is a liability waiver required?

A liability waiver is required for everyone who enters our facility, whether they will be climbing, belaying, or spectating. Climbers under the age of 18 MUST have a liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Waivers are valid for 12 months after signing. Online waivers can be filled out by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, and can also be downloaded below. They are available in the gym as well.  (Please print clearly!) Online Waiver


This is my first time climbing, what do I need to know?

Our day pass is $10. Harnesses, Belay Devices, Climbing Shoes, and Chalk can be rented from our front desk.  The short Orientation Course will cover facility orientation, top-rope qualifications, and bouldering orientation.  Please note that you MUST be at least 16 years old to belay. The course can take anywhere from 10-15 mins.  Allow approximately 2 hours for your first time climbing. You must have a partner aged 16 and older for all of our top-rope climbs.


I don't have a partner to climb with - can I still climb?

If you do not have a climbing partner it's not a problem.  Many climbers choose to boulder (climb at low heights without a rope) and on occasion we have singles in the gym looking for partners. 

Often times we have traverse boulder problems set in areas throughout the gym

A final option is to give us a call and arrange for a Private Belay session. This costs $25/hour and is based on availability. Due to staff scheduling, we usually require advance notice of two weeks.


What should I wear to climb?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move.  You must wear closed-toe shoes.  Dress according to the outside temperature as the environment, we have excellent ac/heat, but we represent the outdoor time of year


What is a "belayer" and "belaying"?

The belayer is the person on the ground who controls the rope for the climber, catches them when they fall and lowers them when they are ready to be lowered. Belaying is the action of holding the other end of the rope while the climber climbs. Our staff will teach you all you need to know.


How tall are your walls?

With walls just over 17 feet tall, Climb Upstate is an outstanding bouldering gym. We have routes of all heights and difficulties - from very easy to very difficult, and a traverse (climbing left/right not up/down) that is 160+ feet that you can climb without coming off the wall.  A great wall to build endurance and burn some calories.


When are the climbing classes held?

Current Rock Climbing 101 classes include the Basic Climbing Terminology, Beginner to Intermediate Technique, and Learning to Belay - if you are interested please give us a call to sign up. Details and cost for these classes are based on reservations and interest so call ahead. We also have private lessons/training if you want more specialized and personalized instruction. Check our Instruction Page. For additional info, email



My child wants to get involved in climbing- how can he/she get involved?

Check out our Youth Programs!



I'm an Educator. What can you offer me? 

Learn more about partnering with us to bring rock climbing to your students here.